Saturday, March 31

Some online crafting tips

The internet really is a fantastic resource for craft tutorials and tips. I continue to be amazed by how easy it is to become a largely self-taught crafter, and to find resources which are (by large) free. I've been expanding my skirt drafting skills a lot recently, in the interests of being able to widen the styles I can offer on my etsy shop, and I've found quite a few drafting guides that are relevant whether you are a size 0 or 34. I don't buy many patterns these days - I largely adapt the ones I have, and spend my time researching how to drafting my own instead, as it's much more cost effective in the long run.

Here are a few size-less drafting guides for skirts. Skirts (in my opinion) are easiest to start with, as with full styles (circle, a-line, pleated), you only really have to fit around the waistband.

How to draft an a-line skirt from your measurements.
How to draft a circle skirt (with bonus spreadsheet for all the tough calculations!

DIY Couture (I have their cape and pleated skirt books, and cannot recommend them enough. Easy to follow, sizeless, amazing!)

How to draft a pencil skirt.
Super cute curved pockets - a fantastic 50s-esque detail to add!

DIY bodice sloper (my next project!)

As a DIY seamstress, I find the resources available online incredibly inspiring. I rarely have to consult the craft books I own anymore - googling tutorials tends to be much simpler and easier to follow (I am not great at following written instructions, so step by step pictures, videos and so on make much more sense to me). I also find I am significantly less reliant on the patterns available for plus sizes (pretty appalling all round), and more capable of making exactly what I want to own this way.

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