Friday, October 21

Hello again! The past three weeks have been a bit crazy for me, finishing a very busy period working at a literature festival, and now lots of job hunting afoot! I'm unemployed right now, which is great for my sewing projects, but not so great otherwise. I spent my last paycheck on a few sales treats for myself, including this gorgeous dress from Dorothy Perkins. Bateau necklines and full skirts are my biggest weakness, and though I can generally make them myself now, the stitching and ponte material of this one made it a worthy purchase.

I'm loving teaming it with my mustard loafers for yellow overload, and it's proved absolutely fantastic to accessorise. I've worn it fairly constantly since it arrived, and am very much enjoying mixing my favourite accessories with it. Here's another look with the same dress:

This time I paired it with a crocheted shawl I picked up for £1 from Leeds market. One of the joys of being unemployed is being able to hit the outdoor market on a Thursday - which brings out the best second hand bargains! Sadly, I am way too poor to buy much, but the £1 piles do bring up some joys!

Dress, £20, Dorothy Perkins - still online (and reduced further! Gah!) here
Belt, Dorothy Perkins, £6
Tights, M&S
Loafers, £12, Primark
First scarf, old vintage stock
Second shawl, £1, Leeds market

Also, just another reminder that I'm co-organising a fat clothes swap in Leeds, on the 29th October! That's next weekend! Check out the event on facebook here and email me if you have any questions. The wonderful Simply Be have also sent me some unsold stock from previous seasons for the swap, which I'm very excited about. I'm sure it'll be an awesome event, and it'd be great to see some of my readers there too. K xx

Monday, October 3

Hey everyone. Sorry for my lack of posting recently, but this last week has been a shocker of twelve hour days, job rejections and getting mugged yesterday (I'm okay). I'm working pretty much 24/7 at the minute, and dressing well is a lower priority than sleeping sometimes. I did however want to show off my latest creation, which is this circle skirt in some brown/grey paisley that I bought at another car boot sale. I'm working on making work friendly pieces at the moment, as I'm job hunting and in desperate need of tailoring. This was overall a success, though the fabric is a bit too light for the purpose perhaps.

Blouse, £14.99, M&S via eBay
Skirt, made from a piece of £4 fabric
Tights, M&S
Shoes, Primark, £12