Wednesday, March 30

I've been staring at this top in the topshop sale many lunchtimes since the January sales passed. It's a white assymmetrical style with a crop top front and a low back, and cut out squares over the front. I was a very happy bunny to discover it had been cut from £15 to £3 last week! It's a size 16, but the style is super oversized, so worth looking at for fellow fats. I actually find that topshop's range of crop tops fit me fairly well, so it shows that it's always worth checking out straight size stores once in a while!

Tee, £3, Topshop sale
Belt, old vintage stock
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Flats, New Look, £22

Monday, March 28

Oh dorky grins. I had a nice weekend, though has not been helped by having to wake up an hour earlier this morning! Here's what I wore to have a pleasant potter yesterday, eat gorgeous dumplings and ice cream by the sea.

Jumper, Dorothy Perkins
Blouse, Dorothy Perkins, £7
Tie, my old school uniform!
Belt, old vintage stock
Shorts, clothes swap, £free
Tights, M&S
Socks, Primark
Docs, gifted

Some more info about Big Beach Bums approaches! Right now, I'm off to finish making a dalmatian print detachable Peter Pan collar. Ohhhh yes.

Saturday, March 26

Dress, £6, New Look sale (straight size range) - this was a winter sale purchase over Christmas, it's a very generous size 18! And has been waiting in my wardrobe for an outing ever since.
Cardigan, gifted
Tights, M&S
Socks, Primark
Docs, gifted

Thursday, March 24

Apparently I'm now becoming entirely unwilling to embrace the summery weather? In any case, I realised I hadn't had a chance to wear this dress properly this winter, despite working to fix it up over the summer. Oh dear. I think I felt it required heels, but instead I chose my brogues for a proper school marm-esque look.

Dress, old vintage stock, DIY-ed around the skirt
Belt, old vintage stock
Brogues, Primark, £13

Tuesday, March 22

Another largely remixed outfit, incorporating a nice neutral blue cardigan I got for Christmas. It's not a colour I have lots of in my wardrobe, but it suited my cream/brown/grey palette of the moment.

Cardigan, M&S, gifted at Christmas
Blouse, ASOS curve via Fatshion Exchange, £8.50
Shorts, ASOS curve, £9
Tights, M&S
Brogues, Primark, £13
Brooch, Primark, £2
Skinny brown belt, old vintage stock

Big Beach Bums

On twitter recently, speaking with some of the lovely ladies from Plus London, I’ve been discussing the prospect of another rad fats meet up! There was a lovely amount of momentum after Plus London and it would be great to keep this going and make use of the collective energy created.

So, I am tentatively proposing another meet, this time in Brighton. Quite a few people have asked to come thrifting with me in the future, so my thoughts are as such:

  • We could meet up, late morning-ish, for a cup of tea and get to know each other.
  • I’ll create a second hand trail through Brighton, which we can follow loosely, and people can join at some point over the day.
  • We could then convene for lunch somewhere. My suggestion would likely be to all bring some bits and pieces to have a picnic on the beach with. Otherwise, I’ll make some suggestions for cheap eats in the locality, of which there are many.
  • As a follow up, we could all head to the beach! I’m reluctant to plan the day around the beach, because, as everyone knows, it’s a bad idea to plan for good weather! But if it is sunny, we could all finish the day by re-congregating at the beach for some sun, sea and possibly swimming and ice cream! Those who aren’t bothered about shopping would be welcome to join at this point instead, which will be later in the afternoon.
  • If it’s not sunny, I’ll make some suggestions for places to head for drinks (I know of at least one place with 241 cocktails, and many a good pub) or more grub.
  • Anyone who fancies making a weekend of it, I’ll make some recommendations for other things to do (there’s a pretty mean car boot on a Sunday morning for the more hardcore of us! haha).

The proposed date is 28th May! All I need to do now is garner any idea of who would be interested in coming. It’d also be great to enlist any willing helpers! Mainly I will just need people to spread the word, but it’d also be nice to form a collective who could help with organising, and some brainstorming for the day. So, if anyone wants to join this collective, just drop me an email at and I’ll start an email list up for us to talk on.

I want this to be open to anyone who wants to come - you don’t have to be a blogger. It’ll be a positive and inclusive meet open to both fats (of any age, gender, sexuality, ability) and fat positive allies (so feel free to bring friends, partners, anyone who fancies spending the day with us!). The second hand trail I’ll create will include places to buy masculine and feminine clothing, and are mainly unisex shops. I’ll plan the map with details of the levels of access available.

Obviously I can’t guarantee there’ll be any awesome finds, but we can have fun trying and it’s a great excuse to all hang out together again.

Bloggers, tumblr-ers, social media enthusiasts - please repost these details! I only reach so far into the fat-o-sphere, and need all the help I can get to spread the message about x

Monday, March 21

Ahhh, this Monday does NOT agree with me. Exciting stuff to talk about soon. In the mean time, here's my latest etsy purchases, the 70s maxi shirt dress of dreams. Needless to say, I felt pretty fancy swanning around in this Saturday afternoon, though the skirt is more than slightly sheer so requires some shorts beneath!

Dress, $20 via this etsy shop
Brown belt, old vintage stock
Shoes, £15, Deichmann

Thursday, March 17

My latest vintage score! Bought last weekend at a shop on Sydney Street in Brighton. I only realised when I put it on today just how well it fits - it's almost as if it was made for me (a feeling I only seem to get with vintage dresses). It's a lovely thick winter shirt dress, perfect for the last dregs of the cold weather (I hope!).

Dress, £8, vintage
Belt, old vintage stock
Tights, M&S
Brogues, £12, Primark

Wednesday, March 16

Slightly lazy outfit today. I dragged this jersey pencil skirt out of a "to sell" pile, and decided the colour is actually pretty versatile so it's staying with me for now! And the pile of sales stuff sat right next to me will just have to wait another night.

Jumper, £free, clothes swap
Blouse, ASOS curve via Fatshion Exchange, £8.50
Skirt, £1, chairty shop
Tights, M&S
Brogues, £13, Primark
Belt, old vintage stock

Monday, March 14

I wore this outfit Saturday evening, for a dinner + drinks session at a friend's house. Suffice to say, it ended er... well, let's just say I shouldn't mix drinks, and I'm still paying for it now, though a lot of sleep and some donuts definitely helped relieve the symptoms somewhat. Eep!

Lace shirt, £12, Primark
Cami, £4, Primark
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Belt, old vintage stock
Docs, gifted

Saturday, March 12

Oh my, it was sunny today! Well, until about midday anyway, and now it's pouring with rain. Oh dear. In celebration of something resembling spring this morning, I broke out a new blouse and a *gosh* exposed midriff. Now that is something I thought I'd never do! However, these jeans give me the best shape and quite frankly, they don't deserve to be covered up. The blouse was a recent find on eBay, it's way too tight around the hips, but the collar is so beautiful (and I always wear shirts tucked in nowadays anyhow).

I spent today on a thrifting mission with one of my parents, scoring two large pieces of tartan (£3), one brown and grey paisley (enough for another dress! £3), some cropped pleated red wool trousers (£5 from a vintage shop, I never find vintage trousers my size!) and two dresses which set me back £8 each. Sometimes Brighton is a little too good to me, and a little bad on my bank balance! I also finished another skirt today - more to follow when I finish catching up on my sewing projects.

Blouse, vintage via eBay, £6
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Belt, old vintage stock
Shoes, £15, Deichmann
Headpiece, £2 Primark

Now please bring back spring?

Thursday, March 10

Work work work. Today I remixed two of my most favourite items of the moment - my lace body and high waisted grey trousers. I'm sure everyone is more than slightly fed up of them, but I'm trying to keep this blog focused around what I wear every day, repeats and all, to give a sense of what is achieveable on my budget, and the ways in which I reinvigorate my favourites. My wardrobe is large and plentiful, and I'm not, er, known for my ability to purchase staple items (OH HELLO UNITARD), but there are a few items I will wear until destruction. This lace body is definitely one of them.

Just a note also, I'm starting to tag all of my posts with the items involved. Hopefully this means (when I actually finish doing it) that you should be able to click on an item and see all the ways I've worn it. I hope this will keep this blog running on a remixing ethos, as well as just being about the sheer amount of ridiculous nonsense I buy, ha!

Lace body, £12,
Trousers, £14,
Feather brooch, £2 Primark
Loafer heels, £15, Clarks

Wednesday, March 9

Today was another day at work, spent transferring magnetic tapes and geeking over audio software. I broke out the smock that started my love for reclaiming the unfitted dress. Despite all the most horrific applications of muu muus and smocks as items of clothing to disguise and make invisible a fatter body, I have come to really love them as part of my more 60s/uniform moments. This beaut was found at a costume sale at Bradford Playhouse last summer, and is definitely a staple dress for daywear.

Dress, Bradford Playhouse costume sale, £5
Shirt, vintage via eBay, £6
Tights, M&S
Loafers, vintage, £17

Also worth mentioning is this awesome Groupon voucher to get £20 worth of ASOS credit for £9. I had a £8 credit code for not having bought anything, so managed to score it for £1! It's apparently not valid on sale stuff, but will inevitably bring full price stuff down to a reasonable price for me. Yay!

Tuesday, March 8

I'm back at work, pah. I'm still wayyyyy behind on posting, so here's two outfits worn last week, both utilising this leopard print body con number I found at Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair a few years back.

Top photo:
Dress, £14, vintage
Cardigan, $5 vintage (bought in New York in 2009)
Belt, Dorothy Perkins, £5(?)
Docs, gifted

Bottom photo:
Dress, £14, vintage
Lace body,, £12
Scarf, old vintage stock
Docs, gifted

Proper thoughts will return eventually. For now I'm feeling a little glum and choose True Blood and pajamas instead. x

Saturday, March 5

Haircut time! This is the second year that, as Spring approaches, I've decided to go super short for the summer. I took in a photo of Mia Farrow and Carey Mulligan for this, and definitely happy with the results.

My inspiration for the summer doesn't really differ that much from last year. Short hair, 60s tomboy femme, scooter dresses, uniforms made out of button up blouses, suspenders and wide legged trousers, palazzos or high waisted jumper skirts. A mixture of 50s-70s. Ties, shorts and brogues. Ankle boots, ballet flats and lace ups. Boy-ish, but with classic feminine detailing. Uniforms. Button up everything.

One thing I am excited about this year is my capability to maybe make some of these pieces! Normally I spend so much time hunting for items that the spontaneity just disappears, or the things I find are slightly lukewarm in comparison with my style aspirations.

And one outfit also:

Wednesday night:
Dress, River Island, £30
Scarf, old vintage stock
Belt, £5 Dorothy Perkins
Docs, gifted

Thursday, March 3

I bought this body con dress from ASOS about a year and a half ago, and because I always saw it as a formal dress, never really wore it! It has a low back and front, and for some reason none of my bras would successfully go with it without pinning and general annoying-ness. The other week I thought I would try it with a plain white t-shirt beneath it to see if it suits a day look, and it's great! Suffice to say I'll not be letting it sit on a hanger for so long again.

Check out the lace heart:

Dress, £20, ASOS sale (straight size range, size 20)
T-shirt, £3, Dorothy Perkins
Belt, £free, old vintage stock
Docs, gifted.

I would have teamed it with some dressier shoes but as I'm away these are my only option. That and I never seem to take them off nowadays!

Wednesday, March 2

This was worn for a day of charity shop rummaging in Otley. Sadly not much in the way of actual scores, but a pleasant way to spend a sunny day nonetheless. This brown velvet skirt was another sale score from Primark. I swear I think I've bought everything on that velvet range since I discovered it's all generously fitted! This is super short, though thankfully I saved my dignity with some cut offs beneath it!

Brown jumper, £7, Dorothy Perkins
Blouse, ASOS, £8.50 via fatshionexchange
Skirt, £3, Primark
Socks, £1, Primark
Boots, gifted (d0cs)
Belt, old vintage stock, £free