Tuesday, March 22

Big Beach Bums

On twitter recently, speaking with some of the lovely ladies from Plus London, I’ve been discussing the prospect of another rad fats meet up! There was a lovely amount of momentum after Plus London and it would be great to keep this going and make use of the collective energy created.

So, I am tentatively proposing another meet, this time in Brighton. Quite a few people have asked to come thrifting with me in the future, so my thoughts are as such:

  • We could meet up, late morning-ish, for a cup of tea and get to know each other.
  • I’ll create a second hand trail through Brighton, which we can follow loosely, and people can join at some point over the day.
  • We could then convene for lunch somewhere. My suggestion would likely be to all bring some bits and pieces to have a picnic on the beach with. Otherwise, I’ll make some suggestions for cheap eats in the locality, of which there are many.
  • As a follow up, we could all head to the beach! I’m reluctant to plan the day around the beach, because, as everyone knows, it’s a bad idea to plan for good weather! But if it is sunny, we could all finish the day by re-congregating at the beach for some sun, sea and possibly swimming and ice cream! Those who aren’t bothered about shopping would be welcome to join at this point instead, which will be later in the afternoon.
  • If it’s not sunny, I’ll make some suggestions for places to head for drinks (I know of at least one place with 241 cocktails, and many a good pub) or more grub.
  • Anyone who fancies making a weekend of it, I’ll make some recommendations for other things to do (there’s a pretty mean car boot on a Sunday morning for the more hardcore of us! haha).

The proposed date is 28th May! All I need to do now is garner any idea of who would be interested in coming. It’d also be great to enlist any willing helpers! Mainly I will just need people to spread the word, but it’d also be nice to form a collective who could help with organising, and some brainstorming for the day. So, if anyone wants to join this collective, just drop me an email at and I’ll start an email list up for us to talk on.

I want this to be open to anyone who wants to come - you don’t have to be a blogger. It’ll be a positive and inclusive meet open to both fats (of any age, gender, sexuality, ability) and fat positive allies (so feel free to bring friends, partners, anyone who fancies spending the day with us!). The second hand trail I’ll create will include places to buy masculine and feminine clothing, and are mainly unisex shops. I’ll plan the map with details of the levels of access available.

Obviously I can’t guarantee there’ll be any awesome finds, but we can have fun trying and it’s a great excuse to all hang out together again.

Bloggers, tumblr-ers, social media enthusiasts - please repost these details! I only reach so far into the fat-o-sphere, and need all the help I can get to spread the message about x


  1. AMAZING! I will post on my blog ASAP.

  2. this sounds lovely and i couldnt get to go to plus london! it just depends if i can get time off to come and money to get me there! but the nice thing is that its the day after my birthday so i'll actually be 18 :) xx

  3. Whoop! Can't wait! Will blog too!

  4. brilliant - you know i am so down for this in our little haven by the sea! xx

  5. I am super interested in this! I'm in the US but wanted to fly out for Plus london and couldn't make it, so I see this as a kind of second chance. I've been to Brighton before but it's been ages, so it would be a fun trip!

  6. ooh me i would love to come.

  7. Ok, it's confirmed, I'm coming! Bought my plane tickets this weekend.