Friday, March 28

A couple of quick outfits from the last few weeks!

Shirt, New Look, £20
Jumper and leggings, clothes swap
Shoes, New Look, £6
Jacket, Dorothy Perkins via eBay, £30
Necklace, Black Heart Creatives
Hoops, Deptford Market

Jacket - as before
T-shirt, Topshop, £3
Cami, H&M, £6
Skirt, Forever 21+, £6
Shoes, Topshop, £15

Thursday, March 13

Oh look I'm outside, now I'm a proper blogger go me! I picked up a bunch of cool stuff from the fat swap a few weeks back, the jacket, jumper and shoes in this picture (recognise those? I wore them to death last summer so was mega happy to get another pair). This simple styling is becoming a basic go-to outfit for me now that spring is approaching.

Jacket, jumper and shoes, via fat clothes swap
Jeans, Forever 21+, £20
Necklace, Forever 21, £6ish

Tuesday, March 11

Just a quick outfit from last week. These shoes were a sales buy after Christmas and are pretty much the best ever!

T-shirt: Unskinny Bop, £10
Skirt, handmade
Shoes, Topshop, £15
Hoops, Deptford Market, £2