Thursday, December 29

Ahhh, another early morning face. Can you tell I'm not the best with them?!

One Stop Plus contacted me recently, to offer me a piece from their website to review. I'd been ogling the Big Beauty for La Redoute collection before, and thought this would be a nice chance to try the collection out. I chose these stretch trousers, because, well, high waisted anything wins my heart! I love the way the trousers are glammed up in the product shot, but for me, they're great for workwear. I teamed them with a vintage hand knitted waistcoat and my trusty white pussy bow blouse for a vintage inspired work outfit.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the trousers, and would definitely consider the range again. The only complaint I would make is that they're a tad short on me - which, at 5'9", is not uncommon with trousers. I'd maybe recommend these for people a few inches smaller than me for optimum fit - or, as I've just been informed, you can also buy them in a longer length here instead.

Trousers, Big Beauty for La Redoute, still available to buy here, courtesy of One Stop Plus
Waistcoat, vintage via eBay, £6
Blouse, eBay, £3.50
Loafers, Primark, £12

Wednesday, December 28

Hello once again. I hope everyone had a nice festive holiday (if you celebrate, that is!). I spent mine back home in Surrey, with my dad, relaxing, eating and playing scrabble. Here's a work outfit from before Christmas, featuring a new skirt, that I made out of a novelty cat print fabric I bought at a crafting expo I went to in Harrogate. I tried gathering as a technique on this - normally I'm a fan of a full pleated skirt - and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was. Would anyone be interested in a gathered skirt tutorial?

Handmade skirt (£6 for the fabric, and I used an old zip from my stash)
teamed with

Cardigan, F&F at Tesco, £7
Blouse, £3.50, eBay
Belt, old vintage stock
Loafers, £12, Primark

Sunday, December 18

Here's another remixed outfit for work this week. I'm finding circle skirts a nice compromise between smart and repetitive - though still finding not being able to be a bit wackier a bit stifling. Thankfully I'm not stuck in tailoring all day, which is something at least! I'll try and be a bit more imaginative this week perhaps.

Nude body,, £12 (sale)
Cami, Dorothy Perkins, £4 (sale)
Skirt, self made with £4 market fabric
Tights, M&S
Boots, Rocketdog, £50

Monday, December 12

Just a quick post for me today. I'm temping at the minute, and trying to find my way around corporate/professional wear again, which I fear has resulted in way too many dull outfits. I'm also spending a lot of my spare time trying to make some work wear of my own, but I'll write about my adventures on that front another time. This dress is my favourite work appropriate item of clothing - it's a wool pinafore bought from Jane Bon Bon on etsy in a sample sale about a year and a half ago. I probably don't need to sell leopard print wool to anyone, but I'm still surprised at how well made and well fitted this is. I just had a nosey, and her etsy shop seems to be on ongoing vacation mode, sadly, and I hope this isn't permanent as I'm longing for another of her pieces when I next have money.

And one (badly posed) last picture to show off my winter coat this year! I found it at Leeds market, for the princely sum of £20. It's got a fake fur collar and a swing shape - warm with a nice vintage twinge. Lately I've been teaming it with this vintage hat, found last year in a charity shop for £4! I definitely go for a slightly "eccentric old lady" look during the winter - endless layers and big accessories are the best to keep warm in a cold Yorkshire winter.
Coat, £20, Leeds market
Hat, £4, charity shop
Dress, Jane Bonbon via etsy, £40 (sample sale price)
Black polo neck, Dorothy Perkins, £7
Boots, Rocketdog, £50
Tights, M&S

Wednesday, December 7

Wearing the boots for a second time - this time for some errand running. The cold weather has sadly put a halt to wearing this jacket now - I need a thick alternative with some shearling, as just looking at this is making me shiver now.

Jacket, old vintage stock
Shirt, clothes swap
Leggings, ASOS, £22
Boots, Clarks, £40

Saturday, December 3

Another day, another doctored granny skirt

Here's my latest doctoring project. I saw some assymetrical skirt in some skinny person shop earlier this year, and I've dreamt of one ever since. This morning I decided to hack up a midi skirt that never really worked for me, cutting it diagonally and making it a little quirkier. I'm happy with the result (though maybe windy Leeds wasn't the best place to debut it!).

Also, I can't help but show off my new boots! I bought them on a bit of a whim, from Clarks in the sale. They're black fleece lined lace ups with a brown clog heel and platform. Despite the heel being larger than I'd ever wear, they're really comfortable because of the big platform. Great to stomp about in!


Jacket, old vintage stock
Jumper, clothes swap
Skirt, bought for $5 in an American thrift store this summer
Belt, Dorothy Perkins, £5
Boots, Clarks, £40 (still on sale if you want them)Link

Friday, December 2

Belated post with some interview attire! I find job interviews tough because I'm prone to overdressing and looking a bit silly/not being taken seriously, but I think this is a reasonable compromise.

Tank top, £3 charity shop
Blouse, £4, eBay
Skirt, self made
Loafers, primark, £12