Thursday, November 29

Slightly ridiculous outfit today, featuring my latest horrible cat t-shirt and some new jeans. I slashed the neckline on my t-shirt to make the neckline more to my liking.

T-shirt, eBay, £12
 Jeans, ASOS (still on sale), £15
Dunlops, £2, car boot sale

Sunday, November 25

Just a quick post to plug a clothes swap that the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective are organising in January in Leeds! It'll be the fourth that the collective have run, and it is always a really awesome space for community and support (and er, free clothes, d'uh). Go along if you can - the facebook event is here.

Yesterday I took a day off uni work (ARGH DEADLINES) to go for a potter with my partner. We spent the day going to see "Death" at the Wellcome Collection (which I recommend wholeheartedly!) then going record shopping in Soho. As it was miserable, the day called for layers, comfort and maximum warmth potential!

Leather jacket, Dorothy Perkins via eBay, £35
Peplum top, £4, Primark
Skirt, Forever 21, £7
Tights, M&S Outlet, £3
Boots, £18.00, Primark

Thursday, November 22

Hey one and all! The lovely folks at Simply Be were kind enough to send me this floral dress, so I took today as an excuse to get a bit excessively glam for university! It's made of a lovely thick jersey, and comes comfortably to my knees (which, at 5'10", doesn't happen often!), with a lovely fitted shape. It will definitely be making repeat appearances soon! 

Teamed with:

Leather jacket, Dorothy Perkins via eBay, £35
Feather cape, £7, eBay
Belt, £7, Dorothy Perkins
Necklace, £4, Primark
Tights, M&S
Boots: Primark, £18 (in store now)

Close up of the boots: 

(Remarkably, they're the first pair of medium heels I've gotten on with, EVER, who knows why?)

And just yesterday I had some locks chopped off, so I'm now sporting a messy graduated bob. I'm missing not being able to pin my hair up, but liking how easy it is to style. 

Thursday, November 1

Hello strangers! Sorry I've been out of touch for so long. It's been part lack of internet (still waiting to be connected!) and part business. I moved to London about a month and a half ago now, and I've started my postgrad course which is BUSY (but fun luckily, though I am mourning not having a student lifestyle!), so between that and illness and the passing away of one pet rat, I've not been about as much.

ANYWAY, I made this dress recently (with good old vintage vogue V8615, which apparently I love way too much given the amount of times I've made it!). It was a practical make, in a nice thick black ponte knit, which is a bastard to sew with but thankfully worth the trouble.

Teamed with a brooch my lovely boyfriend got me for my birthday from etsy:

It can be bought here (along with other seriously beautiful wooden delights!).

Outfit details:
Dress, handmade with vogue V8615
Shirt, actually another dress, Primark, passed on by a friend
Brooch, £7, etsy
Shoes, George, £4
Tights, M&S

Other stuff that's happened since I last posted: I had my tattoo finished! Hurray! Here it is in it's final glory. I love it!

I'm off to Leeds this weekend to sell some zines at Leeds Zine Fair, which is happening at Wharf Chambers on Sunday 4th November. It's going to be exciting, and I'm looking forward to seeing Yorkshire friends again. If you want to come, check out the facebook event here. I'm debuting a new zine which will appear online sometime next week! It's all about hard femme politics and embodiment.