Saturday, May 25

So I optimistically decided it was summer and began my annual wearing shorts and no tights as much as possible recently, but er, apparently it's not anymore. I thought I'd show you folks a few casual outfits incorporating my favourite shorts, which are generally what I throw on most days. 

Shorts, New Look (available here), £15

Teamed with: 

(First Outfit)
Top, clothes swap
Scarf, vintage
Hoops, Primark, £2
Shoes, Vans, £25

(Second Outfit)
Top, Primark, £4
Denim vest, used to be a jacket, New Look
Shoes, ASDA, £4

And the most important latest addition to my self:

Done by Rose Whittaker at Haunted Tattoos, who is most highly recommended!

Wednesday, May 22

So I buzzed my hair about two weeks back, partially because I'd gotten fed up of styling the hairstyle I'd had and partially cos I felt like I'd been edging my way towards shaving it all off slowly anyway! It was a pretty good decision I think, I'm really enjoying dressing up again, and finding that I'm heading back towards vintage inspired femme-ier looks again, which is amusing! 

On another note, this dress was the best I've ever made! I wear it constantly, it fits just right and it works for a whole bunch of occasions. Good old Vogue V8615. 

Excuse the apparent miserableness of that day! Er, here's a close up of my collar chain which I haven't worn nearly enough. 

Shirt, New Look
Dress, handmade
Belt, Evans
Collar clip, ASOS
Shoes, Office

Saturday, May 11

Hey folks! You'll have to excuse my super glam setting for an outfit shot today (it just gets worse...). I've had a stash of some brown fake leather in my fabric pile for ages, waiting to be made into a pleated skirt of sorts, and I decided to just go for it! I was nervous about sewing with fake leather but it was actually a dream - I used a denim needle and did a fair amount of topstitching but ultimately it took fewer adjustments than I'd anticipated. I was so excited to have finished it that I wore it out without hemming it, then finished it later.

In other news, I'm really loving the camo jacket I picked up recently at a blogger event So Fabulous were running (post about that to come...). It's lightweight, practical and I have been wearing it pretty much constantly since I got it.

Skirt, handmade
Dress worn as top, ASOS (available here)
Belt, clothes swap
Chambray shirt, New Look
Shoes, Office, (available here)
Scarf, vintage
Bag, car boot sale
Jacket, c/o So Fabulous (available here)

Tuesday, May 7

Long time no see, folks. I've had a tough few months, my dad went into hospital and is still recovering. I'm kind of rethinking what I want this blog to be lately too, so I'm less fussed about posting clothes all the time. Here's what I wore to hang out with some blogger babes last week, anyway. 

Top, ASOS curve via a friend
Skirt, Forever 21+
Belt, Dorothy Perkins
Necklace, Topshop
Tights, M&S
Shoes, ASOS.