Monday, March 21

Ahhh, this Monday does NOT agree with me. Exciting stuff to talk about soon. In the mean time, here's my latest etsy purchases, the 70s maxi shirt dress of dreams. Needless to say, I felt pretty fancy swanning around in this Saturday afternoon, though the skirt is more than slightly sheer so requires some shorts beneath!

Dress, $20 via this etsy shop
Brown belt, old vintage stock
Shoes, £15, Deichmann


  1. Gahh!! that is soo cute, especially on you!!

    Call me a dunce (!) but what happens when you order something from overseas? Are there any issues with getting things through customs??


  2. Kirsty you are officially my new girl crush! That outfit is A-MAY-ZING! C

  3. Just discovered your blog - you're amazing. I love your style, and your panache!

    Andrea x

  4. Debbie - I normally order things of not much value - i.e. bits from etsy and eBay. Most of the time it passes through customs without charges. However, I have been hit with customs charges about 4 times over the years. What they charge for seems to be fairly random, so it's always a guessing game really. If you buy more substantial costing items I think it's more likely to get hit with the charges! Hope that helps.

    Monkey, thank youuu! I felt suitably ridiculous in it, but that's always a good thing.

    Andrea, aww thank you! *blush*

  5. Wow, that dress looks incredible on you! Amazing, amazing find!

  6. This dress is amazing times about a billion. Sweet find!

  7. Hello I'm a new fan.....found you via Lauren at pocketrocket...WOW I love that frock! It's amazing! I feel like a bit of a fraud reading all you plus grrl blogs (cos I'm probably old enough to be your Mum just about) but you're quite inspiring. When I was your age I hid in tent dresses and baggy things - there just wasn't the fashion out there (or not that I ever found)....wish I'd been as glam as you are when I was your age!