Sunday, April 1

Hey all! Thought I'd show off another swap find, which was this lovely burnt orange 70s-esque tunic. It's originally from Primark, size 16 (and er, VERY GENEROUS). I think I'd looked at these when they were in store, but I'm not normally a massive fan of tunics because I don't like having to wear leggings or trousers beneath them, so didn't get it. However, I'm really glad I found it again - thank you to the person who brought it along! The sheer wide sleeves are really comfortable and good British Spring attire, and I like that it's another smart but comfortable piece that's easily remixed.

Tunic, clothes swap
Leggings, ASOS, £22
Belt, old vintage stock
Necklace, vintage, £7
Shoes, Primark, £12

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