Thursday, November 25


So I'm thinking about Christmas this year, and writing my ridiculously overelaborate wishlist for one of my parents... otherwise known as the youwish-list!

This year I am hoping that I might be gifted with a new pair of docs, in dark brown. I haven't worn docs in years, though I have had many a pair of rip-offs! However, the release of these in a beautiful brown makes them infinitely more versatile in my mind - I can see them teamed with the majority of my dresses and a cute satchel.

On the subject of satchels, my reserve present (in case the boots prove hard to find) is a gorgeous satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

They come in all varieties of size and colours, but I'm drawn to the 15" in red. I can't even describe how many years I've lusted after one of these - and how many second hand satchels I've broken during these years! I'm too fickle to make statement purchases normally, but boots and satchels are definitely exceptions. Here's hoping!

What is everyone else wishing for this year? x


  1. I love docs so much! i have a pair of patent black ones i scored off ebay for 40 quid instead of something like 80 odd in the shops.
    and im desperate fr a satchell too but I'm looking for a old brown one, but there so hard to find haha :) x

  2. Oh the patent ones are my second most favourite, they're fit as anything. Vintage satchels definitely come at a premium nowadays, I had a few, but now they don't seem to come much cheaper than new ones, which is a shame :)

  3. I found the most amazing store in Antwerp belguim which had some at like 15 euro's which was a bargain but i didnt have room to travel bag with one :( it broke my heart haha :)