Monday, October 18

Well, I feel rotten. I managed to get into work this morning thinking that I was just a bit tired, but ended up going home at 12 and feeling very guilty about taking sick time when I've only been working there for five weeks! I do hate office politics. Anyhow. I put on my brightest dress in an attempt to raise my spirits this morning.

Where I work is in a county council record office. There's no dress code, but everyone is older than me and very Sussex conservative, so I got a fair few "oh aren't you colourful" comments today.


Orange peplum dress, £5.60 Tesco online sale
Tuxedo jacket, Dorothy Perkins via Fatshionista sales post, £10
Black chunky necklace, £2 Primark
Boots, £39.50 Evans.

1 comment:

  1. I love the style of this dress, it looks like it was made for you!