Saturday, October 16

New skirt!

This t-shirt is TEN YEARS OLD NOW. That scares me a bit. Anyway, I totally feel like dressing like a bit of a goth again of late, and I found my old combat boots again, so hello teenage goth times!

I bought this skirt from River Island on Tuesday, it was reduced to £10 and is pretty amazing I have to say. This is a size 16, but er, needless to say it's VERY stretchy. The skirt is navy, ruched with black panelling. A total colour combination faux pas, and that's why it's so awesome. There's also a similar dress in navy and lavender with embellished shoulders and shoulder pads, for £20, but I'm trying to be good and buy some wardrobe staples for now.

Skirt - £10 River Island
T-shirt - £5 Camden market (adapted by 14 year old me, with scissors!)
Combat boots - £8, Thriftstore UK on Livejournal

And this is what I do on my Friday nights apparently... dress up in different combinations of outfits and watch Nigella on iplayer... someone take me out so I can wear it like this instead!

Swimming costume, vintage from 21st century retro on Holloway Road (my favourite vintage shop EVER) - £20
Skirt, as before.

Now I'm off to see the new Psychoanalysis exhibition at the Science Museum, then see one of my best friends for the night in London. Yay! x


  1. Hands down that is the best pair of bathers I've ever seen! Enjoy Nigella and let me tell you you are not alone, Saturday night and I'm watch Jamie Oliver's Christmas Special....yes my social life is aflame.

  2. Happy Gothtober! Love those Pumpkins. The swimsuit is neat too.

  3. Holy bajesus, that bathers + skirt combo is amazing.