Monday, October 4

Mum shorts

Okay, so these shorts are vintage, scored on ebay for about £15 (I never find vintage shorts, so they're a premium to me). They used to be dungarees but the straps were a bit too loose and so I never wore them. I cut them off and figure they work better now. They're wide legged with a high waist, pockets and proper "mum" style pleating. I'm sure there's haters out there, but I love them.

Lace shirt,£10 ish(?), primark
Vest, £4, primark
Shorts, £15, vintage
Tan belt, former stock, £free
Grey socks, primark, £2 for 2 pairs
Tights, primark £2
Shoes, £15, clarks sale.

While we're here, let's talk about Primark tights. Now, two years ago I discovered that Primark tights fit me PERFECTLY. Every fat, tall girl knows the agony of tights hunting - I had the answer! That winter I owned tights in every colour of the rainbow, some of which remain (like this pair).... then.... they made them LOW WAISTED. They no longer pulled over my bum. This makes tights shopping even more of an agony now. So I'm wistful for that one year with the many pairs of tights all for £2 each. Sigh...

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