Sunday, October 3


So I'm big into black at the minute. I've spent many a year being as colourful as possible, but this fall I'm really getting into black items - well constructed items which give good silouhettes. I also can't deny the recent acquisition of some rouge noir lipstick and time spent actually getting to grips with the "smokey eye" at last definitely had something to do with this.

I scored this jersey dress with an assymetrical hem from River Island over the summer. It's a size 18 but super generous and has a comfortable body con fit on my frame. It's dressy and definitely a statement dress, but it's also comfortable and versatile. I wanted to wear some combat boots with this, but I seem to have left them somewhere, so my brogues had to suffice. I would love a pair of black wedges to team with this, but no doubt the hunt for a pair that aren't as uncomfortable as heels are for me will prove too much of a challenge.

Also, smokey eye!

Not a bad job I think. Undoubtably overdressed for a day of eating (pancakes with eggs, bacon and maple syrup for brunch, then japanese takeaway from pompoko and drinks with friends) but whatever, what else are weekends for?

Dress, size 18, £29.99 River Island
Black necklace, £2 primark sale
Tights, Evans
Brogues, £3, charity shop

And now I'm off to nurse a hangover and ogle vintage goodies.


  1. The smoky eye looks really well done - so er, well done :D I can't apply eyeshadow for toffee, but thankfully my liquid liner skills make up for it.

    And the dress is beautiful!

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  2. Wow, your make-up looks fabulous! Also, this dress is great! I love simple dresses that are easy to throw on.

  3. You look fee-yurce young laydee! I love your attitude and quirky-ness. You have inspired me to start a blog and I need some followers so I don't look totally friendless so I'd love you or your followers to add me haha!!