Monday, February 7

Plus London: daytime

So this weekend I attended the much anticipated Plus London meet. Here's a picture during the day section, after we'd all finished shopping and met up again.

Read all about it, and see much better photographs of the event and the outfits on the tumblr here. I only have a few pics as I'm more than slightly awkward about talking/asking people for pictures of their awesome outfits. But suffice to say, it was amazing to see so many different styles in one place, and despite having never met anyone before (and er, being more than slightly socially awkward), I felt comfortable chatting with you all...

Here's what I wore during the day:
I bought the Beth Ditto high waisted skinnies at the very end of the Evans sale (they had 20% off last week, so I scored them for £8!), and actually haven't really taken them off since! They fit perfectly, and haven't sagged at all over the time I've worn them. I've never found a pair of jeans that fit me well at all (the two pairs I own are jeggings, and aren't hugely comfortable), so now I have them, I'm regretting not buying two pairs!

Jacket, Sabrosa Vintage at etsy, £30
Necklace, £2, Primark
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Shoes, Priceless, £8
Sequinned belt, £3, Dorothy Perkins


  1. So jealous because those Beth Ditto jeans look HOT. Ugh. Want, want, want!!!

  2. As I've already said, I looooove your shoes!!!!
    It's been a pleasure to know you ^^
    p.s. may I "steal" the group picture? I will obviously credit you!

  3. Thanks Gazel! They are so much better than I thought they'd be, so if you ever get a chance to buy a pair, I'd totally recommend them.

    Miria, thank you! It was lovely to meet you.
    Of course you can :)

  4. I'm so glad you posted where your outfit was from, I wanted to ask but I sometimes feel a bit awkward asking too! AWESOME outfit.

  5. I'm a huge fan of those Beth Ditto's jeans. I practically live in them, LOL.
    We we're twin jeans sisters for just a little bit :)

  6. Kat, haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I thought you were dressed amazingly also :)

    Nefferth, me toooo, they're so good! I didn't actually think jeans this nice would ever exist in my size, ha. Glad we got to be jean twins for a day and hope to see you again in the future!

  7. You and everyone else in the photos looks so stylish. Looks like it was a fun day, too. I must admit to some jealousy, though. I live in Los Angeles, and like London, LA is a big, spread-out city with a diverse population. Yet I can't imagine a similar group of stylish fat women coming together in LA to hang out and connect over their stylishness and size acceptance. Truth be told, outside of the goth community, I don't see too many stylish fat women around. There are plenty of fat women in LA (contrary to what the popular media would have you think), but it seems like most of them don't think they can dress stylishly, and prefer deprivation and self loathing ("I can't buy stylish clothes until I lose 50 lbs," etc). It's discouraging for a stylish size activist like myself.