Wednesday, September 1

This is my best clothes swap score ever. Until it stopped over summer, I regularly visited the Leeds Community Clothing Exchange near Hyde Park. As with all swaps, the quality of clothes varied a lot, but things like this made any unfruitful visits worthwhile.

60s vintage M+S dress - £free, LCCE
Belt - Dorothy Perkins, £7
Shoes - you've seen them all before far too many times (bring on winter and proper shoe wearing time)

I'd love to hear from any fatty locals in Brighton who'd be interested in holding a regular swap of our own? I will miss swapping times up here.


  1. The collar of that dress is so incredible!

  2. oh gosh I absolutely adore all of your clothing!
    you are too damned cute.
    hope you dont mind me folling you :)

  3. Very nice!!
    Check me out