Thursday, August 26

Oh erk.
My credit card is a bit angry at me again. So, tesco are having a sale at the moment, and I also got sent a 25% off code, so I splurged a bit. I spent about £70 and ended up with 12 things! As I wandered around town this afternoon and had a hunt for potential "first day" outfits for the new job and found nothing (well... actually I found a *perfect* grey floral dress from M&S, but it was £45 and knowing how fickle I am, I know I'd be bored with it too quickly), I got a fair few contenders in this lot, and bulked up my autumn wardrobe.

I bought:

Wolf Jumper Dress, £8. To be teamed with knee high boots and a blazer, or sent back if it's too short.

Black velvet body, £7.50. Perfect for the inner goth I'm channeling right now.

Houndstooth stretchy pencil skirt. £7.50. This is one of the "first day" contenders. I love a pencil skirt, but working in digitisation and sitting down in front of a computer or fiddling with objects, the more tailored skirts end up feeling a bit uncomfortable after a whole day. This looks like an excellent stretchy option.

Jumper, £5. I got these in mustard, purple and red, because plain colourful jumpers are an autumn/winter staple with me. I'm also eager to get into colour clashing this winter and thought that this would work both with the above skirt and a blazer for the big first day, and with the below skirt for clashing goodness.

Silk skirt, £12.50. Now, it's not often something that garish and well designed makes it to fit me. "First day" contender #2. £7(!!)!)!)!)!)). With a nice girly blouse beneath perhaps? Or a cardi.

Lace body! £5! Now I've been on the hunt for one of these for months. This is a size 18, but I'm hoping it'll stretch enough for me.

Orange peplum dress, £8! First day contender #3. Seriously garish. Just crying out for some clashing heels.

Spotty playsuit, £8. Okay, so it's a bit late for this, but too cute to resist. File under incredibly impulsive purchases, possibly to be hidden at the back of my wardrobe. But seriously, amazing.

And last but not least, red military winter coat, £22.50! Okay, so winter coats are the bane of my existence - I hate spending money on them and yet get angry with ill fitting coats. I spent £80 on one last year, and it's buttons constantly popped off. This is cute enough to work with my colour scheme and hopefully be adequately fitting.

So I think for all that, I'll be forgiven for a small credit card balance? I'll be sure to post some reviews once the parcel arrives.

Also, not sure if it will work, but the code I got given for 25% off was Z93D8LM64. It's for a first purchase only, but works on sale items.

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