Sunday, August 22


Latest obsession of sorts: harnesses and bustiers!

After seeing this:

included on the wonderful A/W mood board on Musing of a Fatshionista: from the fall 2010 collection of Shakuhachi, I've been dying for something like the leather bustier featured with this maxi. Now, to be honest, I'm not hoping for anything similar to emerge in plus size collections and I'm not holding my hopes out thrifting, so I'm researching alternatives.

Whilst etsy browing, I recalled I went through a slightly obsession with the idea of harnesses over girly dresses earlier this year. The main contender was this harness by seller I Heart Norwegian Wood (the seller is very open to custom sizing, and it comes in a variety of colours). I also perved majorly over the cage skirt featured here. However, funds were never enough to stretch to either, so I forgot about it.

However, on my second leather influenced browse, I discovered this beaut, custom made to fit with buckles galore. He's up for plus size sizing as well, though charges $10 more. It's definitely intended for more cosplay related joys, however I can just see it worn over this floral maxi dress that's currently on sale at ASOS curve, and which I've also stalked for the past few months. However, given that I am notoriously fickle with clothes (even the items I stalk for months on etsy, I'll sometimes buy and then just sell on several months later), spending £40 on a harness that may or may not prove a staple item for fall is still debatable. Also, er, no money makes it an impossibility until my Brighton move is complete!

On the search for a leather bustier, the best options for fellow plus size belles seems to be "adult" shops, or fetishwear retailers where plus sizes are found in much more abundance. That said, it's a pricey undertaking. Here are a few links nonetheless (most probably NSFW): this halter bustier is $78 but so very nearly what I'm after (good for fellow members of the itty bitty titty committee also!); and this zip up faux leather crop top from ebay (which at only £20 is going on my watch list immediately!). There's not the tailoring of the original, however, definitely worth considering as an alternative.

Also, on further contemplation, I've just been reading this article about Lady Gaga's "leather" aesthetic, and thinking a lot about the whole bondage aesthetic reappearing in fall fashion this year. I often debate with myself about fashion and sexuality (largely because I quite enjoy playing with the "grotesque" in fashion, and I don't necessarily feel that dressing up should be down to flatter or make the body appear more conventionally attractive or exuding of normative sexuality, in fact I enjoy the way that high fashion often seeks to do the very opposite by creating silouhettes, shapes and looks that go against this concept of flattery. I'm all up for dressing sexually, and anyone who knows me and my love for a wiggle dress already knows this! However, I'm also very interested in reclaiming shapes and styles that have been forbidden from me by plus size retailers, because of the need to flatter, disguise and morph the fat body into something more acceptable.),namely because I don't feel that fashion has to be about appearing sexual, but I'm really, really excited about this. I feel that this play with sexuality and inside/outside apparel (underwear as outerwear particularly, plus this inclusion of the "leather" aesthetic in everyday fashion) is particularly interesting in terms of thinking about the unruly woman and what is socially appropriate in terms of attire.

Plus, er, I'd just like to see more fit fatties in even more inappropriate garb...

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