Wednesday, March 2

This was worn for a day of charity shop rummaging in Otley. Sadly not much in the way of actual scores, but a pleasant way to spend a sunny day nonetheless. This brown velvet skirt was another sale score from Primark. I swear I think I've bought everything on that velvet range since I discovered it's all generously fitted! This is super short, though thankfully I saved my dignity with some cut offs beneath it!

Brown jumper, £7, Dorothy Perkins
Blouse, ASOS, £8.50 via fatshionexchange
Skirt, £3, Primark
Socks, £1, Primark
Boots, gifted (d0cs)
Belt, old vintage stock, £free


  1. Your outfit styling is such an inspiration. And thank you for the link the trousers from Very in your last post - I'm in Australia, but managed to find a UK friend able to purchase them and mail them me, and I am so frickin' excited! Floral palazzo trousers are like a goddamn dream come true.

    Anyway. <3!

  2. I LOVE this. That skirt is epic and the blouse looks amazing.