Monday, February 28

Shirts and ties

Two weekends ago I picked up a beautiful silk paisley tie from a charity shop near me. The brown/grey tones of the pattern seemed so perfect for my colour palette of choice, and I've been meaning to adapt more towards a menswear-esque uniform for work that's a little easier to throw on in the morning than my more elaborate ensembles. I dressed it in a similar way the first two times I wore it, once with my wide legged grey pinstripe trousers and brogues for a more dapper formal look, and the second with my skinnies, because I enjoyed the way the androgynous-ness of the boots, shirt and tie mixed with my unruly hips and belly in those jeans.

Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £7
Blouse, M+S via eBay, £15
Trousers, £14, Very
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Docs, gifted
Brown brogues, Primark, £12
Belt, old vintage stock, £free
Paisley tie, £1, charity shop

I definitely have so many more plans for the tie. I just won this beaaaautiful floral blouse on eBay, and I think pattern clashing and pencil skirts might be in order next, though I'd also love to pair it (and the blouse) with these serious floral palazzos from Very, which are calling so hard to me right now.


  1. I am in LOVE with those pants with the high waist and the buckle!! They look fantastic on you!!

  2. I love both looks! So cool. I also really like the floral palazzos, I picked up a pair from New Look.

  3. i love both of these outfits! i have a few ties that i love, and i've been looking for inspiration of ways to incorporate them... this is VERY inspiring :)

  4. You look so hot in the first pair of trousers - they're amazing! Such a great look!

  5. I love the wide leg trousers/tie combo. U remind me of a mix between Mia Farrow and Diane Keaton. Just an awesome office look, will suit a 30+ gal like me :D

  6. eep! i just found your blog and i am so in love with these looks!

  7. I liked the second look!!:) Super cute on you!