Friday, March 28

A couple of quick outfits from the last few weeks!

Shirt, New Look, £20
Jumper and leggings, clothes swap
Shoes, New Look, £6
Jacket, Dorothy Perkins via eBay, £30
Necklace, Black Heart Creatives
Hoops, Deptford Market

Jacket - as before
T-shirt, Topshop, £3
Cami, H&M, £6
Skirt, Forever 21+, £6
Shoes, Topshop, £15

Thursday, March 13

Oh look I'm outside, now I'm a proper blogger go me! I picked up a bunch of cool stuff from the fat swap a few weeks back, the jacket, jumper and shoes in this picture (recognise those? I wore them to death last summer so was mega happy to get another pair). This simple styling is becoming a basic go-to outfit for me now that spring is approaching.

Jacket, jumper and shoes, via fat clothes swap
Jeans, Forever 21+, £20
Necklace, Forever 21, £6ish

Tuesday, March 11

Just a quick outfit from last week. These shoes were a sales buy after Christmas and are pretty much the best ever!

T-shirt: Unskinny Bop, £10
Skirt, handmade
Shoes, Topshop, £15
Hoops, Deptford Market, £2

Friday, February 21

This dress was a buy sometime before christmas, and I'm still wearing it most weeks. It's a really nice thick knitted dress in tiger print. I can't even articulate how much I love knit pencil dresses - they're comfortable and glam and most importantly THEY FIT ME. Being mega pear-shaped often means the pencil dress is out of my options if it's made from a structured fabric with no stretch. 

 Bonus face, because I was feeling vain:

Dress, £14, Matalan
Necklace, c. £5, Forever 21
Hoops, £1.50 primark
Belt, £7, Evans
Shoes, Dr Martens, £50
Tights, M&S

Wednesday, February 12

These dungarees are pretty much the best thing EVER. They were from ASOS in the sale last year. They're not perfect and they sag out a bit much after I've worn them for a day, but they're comfortable and optimum lazy day attire. 

T-shirt, ASOS, £10-ish
Dungarees, ASOS, £20
Knock off converse, £10
Necklace, Tatty Devine, gifted
Hoops, Primark, £1.50

Friday, February 7

Okay, so I love these tights THE MOST, but also I'm wearing them for the first time and they've already laddered. Sigh. Tights are so frustrating. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any tips for size 24(ish) tights which are also affordable and durable? 

Outfit details: 
Top, threadless via their $10 sale
Skirt, about £6 from New Look
Tights, £5.50, ASOS sale
Docs, £50, eBay

Monday, February 3

Weekend outfits

Here's what I wore over the weekend, with some delightful grumpy faces.

Top, boyfriend's (I got it from Sleazy Seagull on etsy ages ago)
Jeans, Ridley style from ASOS curve, £21 
Shoes and jacket, passed on by friends
Hoops, Deptford market's finest, £2

Top, £14, ASOS curve
Skirt, new look, £6ish
Shoes, passed on by friends
Tights, M&S
Hoops, as above
Necklace, £6, Forever 21

I got this necklace from F21 but it was too short for my neck, so I used some spare rope I had loafing around to replace the short chain. I love chunky necklaces.