Thursday, June 26

So my latest accessory is a robot boot and some crutches.... which I gained after breaking my ankle in May. *Thankfully* I'm almost mended up now. I wore this to go for a little walk in my local park today. It's pretty simple, but also my summer uniform and what makes me feel the best. The shorts are on their way out so I'd welcome recommendations for other high waisted fat sized shorts?

Crop top, £4.50, Forever 21+
Shorts, New Look inspire, £15
Shoes, Crocs via clothes swap


  1. I just. So much envy. I can't wait until my confidence is high enough to don a crop top for the summer. I'm working on it!
    You look gorgeous, and personally, I reckon you rock the robot boot.

    Mollie xo

  2. You inspire so many people. I envy your unyielding spirit.

  3. I broke my femur Christmas day and its been hard as a fat girl.

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