Thursday, March 3

I bought this body con dress from ASOS about a year and a half ago, and because I always saw it as a formal dress, never really wore it! It has a low back and front, and for some reason none of my bras would successfully go with it without pinning and general annoying-ness. The other week I thought I would try it with a plain white t-shirt beneath it to see if it suits a day look, and it's great! Suffice to say I'll not be letting it sit on a hanger for so long again.

Check out the lace heart:

Dress, £20, ASOS sale (straight size range, size 20)
T-shirt, £3, Dorothy Perkins
Belt, £free, old vintage stock
Docs, gifted.

I would have teamed it with some dressier shoes but as I'm away these are my only option. That and I never seem to take them off nowadays!


  1. That dress looks great on you!

  2. Genius! I love it when you FINALLY manage to get to wear an item you hadn't managed before by a bit of clever remixing. It looks fab!