Saturday, January 15

70s power flare

70s power flare
70s power flare by prettymary_k featuring wide leg pants

Excuse my slightly sketchy polyvore skills here. I'm big into wide legs and palazzo pants this season. I'm really interested in wearing these styles as a fatty, as I feel the super wide leg is deemed inappropriate to wear (as well as the super skinny, it seems to be all about being as AVERAGE AS POSSIBLE). Here are some fatty fitting examples - most from Dorothy Perkins which goes up to a size 22, two from Love Label (20, though I reckon they'd both fit larger, and that dress is more 60s than 70s, but the camel is more 70s as a colour) and one from ASOS curve (26). I've got to say I'm loving the focus Dotty P's has on the palazzo this season - normally I feel I have to wait months for an on trend cut to arrive (in a highly diluted form) in high street shops, but they're on it this season.

Anyway, I love the 70s as a period, and the luxurious nature of the excessive amounts of fabric used to create such styles, I love the garish-ness of the patterns, the uncoventional colour palettes (I have a serious love for 70s homewares in this respect too, in a horrific kitsch-y fashion). I'd love to wear some palazzos with the sheer waterfall style jacket above and a cami.

I'm interested in the wide leg as a 90s thing too - I can imagine turning the third trousers (which aren't a full length style) in a grungey look with the cropped blouse and my trusty docs and a plaid shirt.

These are all inspirations, as I'm still sticking to my £10 rule this month! So I'll be hunting out similar styles on sale rails, at vintage stores and car boot sales and on ebay.


  1. I have a pair of plazzo pants from Yours clothing which I am yet to wear due to them being too long! I must go and get them altered!

    I love the 70s style of big wide trousers and floaty tops and dresses. Rock on SS11!

  2. i have always been kinda iffy on the bell bottom look. I think it would make me look "square" because of my wide hips. I nominated you for THE STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Check out the details at this blog post