Tuesday, January 11

Hello lovelies! I'm showing off one of my car boot scores from the weekend today. This sheer floral shirt cost £2 this weekend from the Brighton Marina antiques fair and car boot. I found it rummaging amidst a pile of goodies that also contained some liberty print culottes and the most amazing gold brocade evening dress (I left that behind as sadly it wasn't my size). I think this is a 1960s housecoat as it's very unfitted with a huge pocket. I'm big into sheer florals and sheer colours at the moment, they are just so effortlessly girly.

Look at the detail! Beautiful!

Shirt, Brighton Marina car boot, £2
Bustier (just seen beneath), £4 Dorothy Perkins
Jeggings, New Look, £7
Docs, gifted
Belt, old vintage stock

On the car boot front, I really can't recommend Brighton Marina's Sunday sale enough. Whilst there are a lot of "proper" antiques/vintage sellers who I find incredibly overpriced, I was surprised to find some house clearance stalls with gigantic piles of vintage on the floor. As well as this top I also found;

Huge amount of vintage 60s polyester (perfect for shift dresses), £1, about 4 metres of grey polka dot cotton, £5 (bit more than I would normally pay, but it's beautiful), brown patchwork belt, £1. I also got a vintage slip for £1 that I plan to grunge up with some docs and a plaid shirt, and a copy of Watchmen on DVD for 50p. And looootttts of vintage stock.

These were all hidden bargains, found by rummaging on the floor and avoiding the "proper" stalls. I really enjoyed the day, I have to say, despite the cold and long walk over!


  1. Sounds like a good day!
    The shirt looks really good.

  2. You always find some awesome stuff for really cheap! :)

  3. Found your blog through NoFvture/Stina!


  4. Thnx to Stina @NoFutvre I'm on your blog now. She's right, your style is just absolutely the bomb. I'm following as of today (with bloglovin').

  5. That shirt is beautiful, and I'm seriously jealous of the fabrics you bought!

  6. Thanks everyone! I had noticed a lot of traffic from Stina (who is amazing!), so hello to new peeps and thanks for following :)

    Ashiya, I read your blog - you dress so well (and I envy your vintage finding ability), so I appreciate your compliment! Currently trying to plain the perfect dresses for the fabrics...

  7. LOVING that dress!