Tuesday, January 18


I haven't spent all that much in the sales this year, partially due to the £10 limit (which I'll admit I did slacken a bit for the sake of the Next sale, which I found a cute pink pussy bow blouse and a lilac tulle skirt in! Sorry, no photos yet!) still being firmly in place, and partially because I'm learning to remix a lot more. However, this week I have treated myself to some bits from ASOS and Dorothy Perkins (the ASOS bag has arrived! It's sat next to me at work and I'm a bit too excited).

Here they are:

and some velvet leggings (£6) which have sold out since!

I also bought the last pair of these tie dye wide legged trousers from Dorothy Perkins in a size 22 for £10. I recently sourced the sheer cream pussy bow blouse that ASOS curve sold until last year (and as soon as it sold out, of course, I HAD to have it. Dear oh dear), and imagine myself teaming it with these for that 70s silouhette I'm in love with. Or with old band tees for a grungey look.

Last but not least, these beige suedette shorts for £7. Shorts appear to be an obsession of late, this is strange because until summer 2009 I never wore them! I used to think that shorts were a fat girl no-no, but now they're a wardrobe staple. I have long legs (which prove super pesky to shop for) and find well fitting shorts easier to find than trousers. Plus, they show them off more!

p.s. sorry for lack of outfit posts again. I had a sleepy weekend involving no remarkable clothes. In other news, I highly recommend sleeping. Insomnia has hit me quite badly these past months and I have forgotten what a good night's sleep feels like!


  1. I have the pencil skirt too. Love the fabric and the color is nice too.
    I'm looking forward how u'r going to style them.

  2. I stared at that pencil skirt for a long time, but just couldn't do the shipping and the risk of me choosing the wrong size. lolsob

  3. Love the carmel pencil skirt. Nice post!