Wednesday, January 19

It arrived! This is the camel pencil skirt I ordered from the ASOS sale. A rather uninspired outfit but I wanted to post about it because it's amazing! I ordered a size 22. The skirt is a body con shape, and more importantly it's actually a pencil skirt! I find it really hard to find knee length skirts (I'm only 5'9" but somehow they always end up mid thigh), so I normally just stick to minis and a-line or full skirts. This fits *perfectly* and ends at my calf. The thing I love about it the most, however, is that it's made from a stretchy, thick fabric. As a belly-heavy fatty, I often find tailoring hard to work because my fat spreads when I sit down - thus, a skirt or pair of trousers that are fine around my hips when stood up are often uncomfortable when I sit down. As this is stretchy, it makes it comfortable in both positions. So to conclude, I love it!

Top, £10, Dorothy Perkins
Skirt, £9 ASOS
Nude fishnets, £1 New Look
Loafer heels, £15 Clarks


  1. i am that kind of fatty too and have the same problem. i want it now too. the color looks very rich.

  2. Looks good. Hope to see it in other posts.

  3. Thanks for the great review on the skirt. I'm 6ft tall and always find that skirts that are fine on other folks are pornographic on me. So, it's great to hear that this skirt is great for the tall gals. Also, that is a wonderful top. The color is just fantastic.


  4. I love the skirt! In your photo it looks a bit darker than on the website - is that just the lighting? If it is a bit darker, I might have to splurge... :)

  5. Thanks all! Mitten paws, I'd definitely recommend it for belly

    Brooke, it's a nightmare isn't it? I find it hard to get anything that's not a mini normally, and I'm only a couple of inches taller than most women I know!

    dotted lines, it is a bit darker than on the website, yes! It's less beige than I anticipated, but I like it better this way.

  6. Great outfit my love!!

    I've given you a Liebster award to share the love for those bloggers who have 300 or fewer followers. See:

    You rock deary and I can't wait for our girlie weekend soon!


  7. I totally understand your excitement!
    That is great find, I love the classic shape of it. I actually think it looks rather nice styled up in this simple way. The color of the top looks really good with it.

  8. I have that skirt! It looks fab on you!