Tuesday, November 30

Second hand December

So this month I'm poor. Poor poor poor. I really can't be buying anything, however I appreciate this is a bit of an impossibility given it's Christmas and the month of shopping. However, I'm going to curb myself in and concentrate on spending on others instead.

For all of December, as such, I'm only allowed to buy second hand clothes. I'm also going to place a £10 maximum on any one item to stop me heading to vintage shops, which are equally capable of bankrupting me. Hopefully this will encourage me to a) make some stuff, b) be more inventive and c) not be penniless quite as quickly this month!

In any case, I've talked about it now, so I have to do it... I hope?

Also, this is not going to be easy. On top of these velvet shorts, and these pinstripe shorts, both from ASOS and crying to be on my hips, I've just spotted this beaut at tesco (which goes up to a 22! ARGH):

Buy it here for £25, but don't tell me if you do, or I will have to come tear it off your back :P

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