Monday, November 29

We're back in basics land today. It's too bloody cold and I'm seriously surprised I managed to get out the house at all (especially thanks to some pesky insomnia that kept me up til 3am last night. Ah!). This jumper was a real steal at a charity shop, and has sat at the bottom of a draw for ages, until I recently discovered it's amazing layering capabilities. Now it's a definite keeper.

Jumper, 99p, charity shop
Dress, £12, M&S sale
Tights, £8 M&S
Boots, £25, Deichmann

In other news, I just listed a couple of new items to my (sparse) etsy shop. A sequinned disco top of joy, and a unisex nautical fancy waistcoat. Have a nosey if you're intrigued. Kx


  1. I really like the colour of the wrap cardigan/sweater, it really suits you. You look so put-together and chic!

  2. Could you list this sweater in your shop, so I can have it? ;)