Wednesday, August 15

My latest DIY project was this cute denim skater/mini circle skirt. I've been after one for a while and it occurred to me that I could probably knock one up for much less than a shop bought one. I started it a few weeks back, then my sewing machine decided to completely give up the ghost, jam when I so much look at it, and ended up in for a good old service. It came back last week, and I rejoiced at it being easy to use once more (seriously, I thought I'd lost the ability to work one for a while!). 

Anyway, so this was my first project with pockets, and hey, look, they're even feature pockets! They're pretty massive:

I'd like to be able to add a version of this skirt to my etsy soon (when it's back up), because seriously, it's the most comfortable thing ever. It has an elasticated waist, and the stretch denim has enough weight to hold the skirt down without any Marilyn moments. 

Today was one of those days where I feel like dressing a bit fancy for no reason, probably much to my colleagues' amusement! My hair was looking super fluffy, so I quiffed it and shoved it up with grips this morning, then added my old faithful feather clip: 

Also, these are my new sandals, bought from Dorothy Perkins in their sale for all of £6. Seriously, they are the most comfortable things ever - I've never found sandals that feel comfortable, they always poke and jab in horrible places. These get bonus points for having a tiny heel and also being easy to cycle in. Hurrah! 


 Blouse, ASOS curve, £9
Skirt, DIY
Belt, Dorothy Perkins, £5
Shoes, Dorothy Perkins, £6