Wednesday, August 15

Weekly Favourites

(Very late, sorry!)

And some powerfully awesome links:

Of Another Fashion is a tumblr archive featuring fashion histories of people of colour. As a trainee archivist (I start my course in about six weeks!), I'm really passionate about making alternative histories available and accessible. There is nothing more powerful than finding connections in your history, particularly if you're of an identity group that is often written out of mainstream commentary. I actually had a little cry at how amazing this collection is, and it made me remember that I wanted to do something similar about fat histories. 

Two zines from the Queer Zine Archive Project, which is amazing in itself (be aware though, you'll lose hours on the site!):

Seriously, I'm always in completely awe at the impact that the internet has had on access to archival objects, and on exposing alternative histories and rewriting what we understand as mainstream histories. People conceive of archiving as just looking after dusty objects, but there's so much power and politics invested in what is seen and what isn't even accessioned. I'm always really excited to find new projects and new people/collectives working towards such amazing projects. 

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