Thursday, March 10

Work work work. Today I remixed two of my most favourite items of the moment - my lace body and high waisted grey trousers. I'm sure everyone is more than slightly fed up of them, but I'm trying to keep this blog focused around what I wear every day, repeats and all, to give a sense of what is achieveable on my budget, and the ways in which I reinvigorate my favourites. My wardrobe is large and plentiful, and I'm not, er, known for my ability to purchase staple items (OH HELLO UNITARD), but there are a few items I will wear until destruction. This lace body is definitely one of them.

Just a note also, I'm starting to tag all of my posts with the items involved. Hopefully this means (when I actually finish doing it) that you should be able to click on an item and see all the ways I've worn it. I hope this will keep this blog running on a remixing ethos, as well as just being about the sheer amount of ridiculous nonsense I buy, ha!

Lace body, £12,
Trousers, £14,
Feather brooch, £2 Primark
Loafer heels, £15, Clarks


  1. Good plan! I am going to try to do that from now on. After my disastrous attempt to buy some new clothes my spending ban is firmly back in place!!

    Love those trousers so much!

  2. I just discovered your blog via Cali Vintage. I love your style! Consider me a new follower!

  3. My shopping habits are completely the same, I have so many useless items and only a few pieces that I will wear to death.

  4. That's exactly the way I see mine and Raisa's blog... I'll go through periods of wearing the same stuff for weeks, but I want the blog to be about actual outfits which I've worn. And those are the blogs I find most interesting to read too!

  5. monkey, I wish I could do a spending ban, but it's so hard! I go for super budget options instead, though that said I still spend. Oh dear.

    Thanks Meghan!

    Mel, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!

    Ashiya, me too! I like fashion blogs which are lived blogs, because fashion is everyday for me, and although I have fun with it, I feel like the most exciting blogs deal with clothes as something we actually live in rather than daydream about.

  6. Indeed a great idea. makes it easiest to search the whole blog on items. Brilliant. These trousers are one of my favorites pieces of your wardrobe. It such 70's chic vibe, don't you think?