Saturday, March 12

Oh my, it was sunny today! Well, until about midday anyway, and now it's pouring with rain. Oh dear. In celebration of something resembling spring this morning, I broke out a new blouse and a *gosh* exposed midriff. Now that is something I thought I'd never do! However, these jeans give me the best shape and quite frankly, they don't deserve to be covered up. The blouse was a recent find on eBay, it's way too tight around the hips, but the collar is so beautiful (and I always wear shirts tucked in nowadays anyhow).

I spent today on a thrifting mission with one of my parents, scoring two large pieces of tartan (£3), one brown and grey paisley (enough for another dress! £3), some cropped pleated red wool trousers (£5 from a vintage shop, I never find vintage trousers my size!) and two dresses which set me back £8 each. Sometimes Brighton is a little too good to me, and a little bad on my bank balance! I also finished another skirt today - more to follow when I finish catching up on my sewing projects.

Blouse, vintage via eBay, £6
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Belt, old vintage stock
Shoes, £15, Deichmann
Headpiece, £2 Primark

Now please bring back spring?


  1. Very pretty!

  2. I love that shirt!. You are so lucky with your thrifting, the charity shops and vintage stores where I am are rubbish!!


  3. You look amazing! I love the blouse; it looks fantastic knotted up.

  4. Every time I see you in those jeans I really wished I'd bought them! You look amazing!

  5. I cannot express how ridiculously brilliant i think you always look. For a plus size girl, this outfit is daring but you look wonderful and so vintage. x