Monday, March 14

I wore this outfit Saturday evening, for a dinner + drinks session at a friend's house. Suffice to say, it ended er... well, let's just say I shouldn't mix drinks, and I'm still paying for it now, though a lot of sleep and some donuts definitely helped relieve the symptoms somewhat. Eep!

Lace shirt, £12, Primark
Cami, £4, Primark
Jeans, Beth Ditto for Evans, £8
Belt, old vintage stock
Docs, gifted


  1. What size would you say the jeans are? Big cut or just right? Have seen a pair a size smaller than I normally am on eBay and I'm considering buying them!

  2. I got a size 22, and I err towards being a large 22 on bottom (I'm about 42",51-52" ish). They fit just right so I'd say you'd stand a chance if you're on the lower end of the larger size! They are stretchy too.

    I'm watching a couple of pairs myself, they're so good I need to stock up!

  3. Thanks! I'm now bidding on them! Hope we're not bidding on the same pair! haha!