Saturday, January 8

Firstly, my picture taking sucks, but that's what you get late at night. Oh dear.

I wore this to go out last night, though "out" was just a friend's house (I'm so poor right now, not much else is viable!). The lame jacket was a purchase from Sabrosa Vintage on etsy at a more affluent time - it was gold, but I managed to wash it with the wrong colours (I only wore it once before!) and turned it gun metal! I quite like it this way though, so I guess I'm happy now anyhow.

Jacket, Sabrosa Vintage on etsy - about £30 including shipping
Pixies t-shirt, £1, Traid sale
Skirt, £10, River Island
Tights, M&S
Boots, £20 ebay


  1. Hey, just discovered your blog, love it! :D

    That jacket is amazing, I'm obsessed with lame at the minute!

  2. gosh. the jacket looks so good that way. love it.

    i so enjoy seeing how peeps wear the items they get from my shop... so thanks for posting this. i think you have amazing style.

  3. That jacket is fantastic! Such much more spectacular than gold.