Sunday, January 9

Gooo-ood weekend. More to follow later, but suffice to say it involved a very successful car boot session. I broke out my old vintage cats eyes for the first time in ages this weekend. I had these glazed the same time as my trusty black specs, but the latter soon became my day wear and these more "special occasion". They're so different to my usual style that I often find them hard to style.

Run down:
Jumper, clothes swap, £free
Blouse, Monsoon sale, £15
Shorts, £7ish, fatshionista sales post (shortened by me)
Tights, M&S
Docs, gifted
Cameo, £6, livejournal sales post
Belt, old stock, £free


  1. What an amazing outfit! I love everything about it!

  2. Love this outfit.
    The little details count, I think. I absolutely LOVE this outfit.

  3. I just adore your glasses!


  4. You're really pretty, and I love your glasses! This blog is simply fabulous; I'm glad I found it:)