Friday, January 7

Bit of a wardrobe remix today. It's funny, because the vintage dress and jumper/cardigan combo used to be my UNIFORM, seriously for about two years I don't think I changed it at all, but now it's definitely something I'm moving away from. I think especially when on a strict budget, it helps more to own interchangeable separates that function equally well in day or night. However, in the mean time my wardrobe is still stuffed to the brim with overelaborate impractical nonsense (which I love), so I doubt I've changed all that much ;)

Dress, about £35, vintage via eBay
Cardigan, £1.99 charity shop
Belt, old vintage stock
Tights, M&S basics
Socks, £1 Primark
Docs, gifted


  1. Forget all that malarkey that yellow doesn't look good on the pale, cause you look fantastic! Overelaborate impractical nonsensers UNITE!

  2. Gorgeous! And I hear ya on separates. It's so much easier to keep things looking fresh when you can mix and match.

  3. i think the internet ate my comment; if so, i reiterate, Docs and floaty floral dresses = total win.

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I really like floral prints with DMs - very grunge and very my style.

  5. I will forever love floral dresses and clunky boots.