Tuesday, January 4

First day back at work. Apparently my strategy for hiding my evident lack of sleep involves dressing head to toe in pillar box red... not sure this was the best way to style this, but it was an experiment.

Dress, £1.70 (Tesco via ebay)
Button up blouse, £7 (New Look)
Belt, £8 (vintage)
Tights, £8 M&S
Shoes, Barratts, £10


  1. Delightful!~ You're disguising it well, chicster. Please tell me you have a close up of those heels..

  2. Hi, I love love love your outfit posts. How do you find tights that fit? I have 55 inch hips and I can't fit into any of Evans tights, reccomendations?

  3. Beej - I don't right now, but next time I blog them I'll be sure to take one! They're red patent flats with bow buckles.

    Anon - I have hips that range between about 51" and 53"-ish depending. I find M&S tights really generous, they're supposed to fit up to 48" (and up to 6' tall!) but I generally find there's room to spare on me. I think their basic black opaques are about £3.50 for a pack of three, so it might be worth trying your luck? Evans tights are bloody horrible too, ever since I discovered these I gave up attempting to buy from them.

    Oh, and New Look inspire are good also, not sure how large they run?

  4. I love red dresses of this style and shape and have been looking for one for awhile now! I have to see this outfit is great and I'm glad to have found your blog!

  5. Gorgeous dress! OMG! I can't believe what you paid for it! AWESOME!