Tuesday, November 23

Etsy: hissyfitoly

Gosh, I have the internet again.

Here's another etsy recommendation. Hissyfitoly is one of my most favourite etsy sellers. She uses vintage fabrics and vintage patterns to produce repro retro dresses which will suit most sizes (she'll custom for any that aren't catered to). This beaut is too large for me and more suited to a more hourglass-y shape (56" bust, 43.5" waist) but highlights her immense skill set.

Her custom work is also very reasonable. Generally she can make a dress again to fit a different shape for the same price.

She also makes the most awesome uterus skirts, of which I had this one custom made for $40 for a birthday present from my boyfriend last year.

I've bought two things from her previously, and I have to say that her tailoring skills definitely make her clothes worth that little bit more.

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  1. I absolutely love her shop - I even grabbed this for Fat Chic ages ago!