Tuesday, November 23

Hello again!
So last week I was lucky enough to attend the third ESRC Fat Studies seminar, hosted by Charlotte Cooper at Stratford Library. As well as getting to see my fellow fatty and wondrous friend Caroline Walters speak about fat and kink, there were also many many amazing papers from some amazing academics and activists including Stacey Bias, Sondra Solovay, Bill Savage, Sam Murray and Mike Wyeld. It was an emotional couple of days, but so so inspiring to be in the same room as so many amazing people... even with my inevitable social uselessness and awkwardness.

So, on the second day Kay Hyatt (who was speaking about the Big Bum Jumble) bought in the leftovers from the jumble in August. We were all asked to give what we could for our finds, and this was one of mine! It's a vintage wrap dress in a lovely brown floral. I also found a paisley vintage shirt dress, a stripey sundress and a brown cardigan with a leopard print fur collar.

Dress, Big Bum Jumble (I paid £4 for all I got)
Grey tights, M&S size L/XL, £8 (these are amazing!)
Shoes, £15 Deichmann.

Topped off with my vintage brown coat, which was an amazing find in Edinburgh PDSA shop earlier this year. This came with a matching skirt that was too small - the set was £19.99, but I then sold the skirt for nearly £40 on ebay! So, cape = -£20! Bargains galore.


  1. That wrap dress is gorgeous and really suits you! I'm jealous that you went to that conference, it sounds amazing and really inspiring. I wish I had the time and the guts to go! HOw do you find out about these things?


  2. I love how you've paired the dress with those lovely tights and great shoes. Very great outfit!

  3. Sooo jealous that you got to go to the conference but I am glad you had an amazing time :)

  4. Thanks all!
    Debbie - I mainly knew about this because a friend was speaking, but for London fat related stuff I'd really recommend Charlotte Cooper's blog - - which always has deets for conferences and general fatty fun times xx
    Oh, and also there is a yahoo group called Fat Studies UK which is also great for more academic events :)