Friday, October 22


Let's talk etsy. Is anyone interested in me posting things I find on etsy, thrifting wise? It's easier now, but I used to find it a real bitch to navigate and figure out where the stuff in plus sizes actually is. It's still not easy.

I generally search for any of the following.
- XL
- "plus size"
- "oversized"
- Also, try searching for particularly "generous" items of vintage clothing i.e. "tent dress", "cape",
"kaftan" etc. You'd be surprised what's labelled as a kaftan or a tent dress which is actually a well fitting item of plus sized vintage!

I find just searching by size helps, though you have to be prepared to sift through all the results and this is time consuming. Also, search around your size too - a lot of people don't really know what "xxl" or "xl" means, so I've found things that fit me in all categories.

Anyway, someone who is a size or two smaller than me should score these high waisted stonewashed beauties. They'll fit a 38" waist, 48" hips, and cost $26 from Sabrosa Vintage. Awesome much? More fatties in inappropriately trendy items of clothing please...


  1. Those are awesome! I actually have a (tiny, little) etsy shop where I put vintage items that are mostly plus sized. I usually tag my items with "xl, xxl, plus size, plus sized". It's so hard to get the tagging right, I'm still working on it.

    Other vintage sellers that do plus sizes that I have found: (sometimes, and usually smaller fats have better luck)
    and my shop:

  2. I've purchased from Sabrosa at a local pop up sale, and recently did a photo swap with Carrie (she modeled for Such Moonshiners, I modeled for her), the owner. Having been in her studio -- wow. She has so.much.awesome.vintage in plus sizes that she hasn't even gotten a chance to list yet.

    Thanks for the mention Rebecca!

  3. Ah, so many awesome recommendations, thanks Rebecca! I have favourited all the shops I didn't know and am fearful of my bank balance already ;)

    heavyaura, I am in love with your stonewash skirt! Do you think it'd fit any larger than 36" in the waist? x

  4. hey KL! sorry i didn't check back to this comment thread earlier. i have a 40 inch waist where it hits me (i'm the model :P), and can button it up, but it cuts into me.

  5. I just ran across this post, and wanted to say THANK YOU for the etsy shout out! I'm always so thrilled that anyone notices my shop, and honored when they take the time to post about my goodz.