Friday, October 22

Annie Hall trousers

This post is a fairly weak attempt to copy the "Annie Hall" aesthetic that was a serious obsession of mine for many a year. Sadly, I find trousers and shirts really hard to find in my size, especially as I spread a lot when I sit down - so my shape morphs considerably. I normally stick to my skinnies, but I scored two pairs of amazing trousers in the sale - these, which are high waisted, pleated wide legs in a grey pinstripe, and a black 40s-esque peg leg (the ones I raved about earlier in the year, incidentallly), both for bargainous prices.

Pussy bow blouse - £15.00, M&S via ebay
Grey trousers - £14.50, Very Sale
Brown loafer heels - £15, Clarks sale

And some inspiration pictures:

I think what I most love about Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, as opposed to the many re-envisionings of the look in fashion circles/street style and so on, is that it's actually a really awkward style. It's haphazard and ill fitting, and her charm comes out of this thrifty oddball-ness - rather than the very preened restyling of it that has happened since.

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