Monday, August 30

Today I caught up on some well needed sewing repairs. As well as the gigantic pile of ripped seams and so on that I've left for months, I also did some alterations on this 60s paisley kaftan. This used to be floor length, but I thought it would work better knee length as it has some fantastic draping that ends around there. Anyway, my picture is rubbish because of my being-out-in-public awkwardness, but it has super awesome batwing sleeves and the draping sort of makes it look like a tulip skirt. This is a perfect house dress, but I think it could also be made to be much more of a statement piece with some heels and a clutch. In any case, it's flouncy and fantastic.

Dress - pilfered from my last lot of vintage stock, £free to me
Shoes - ancient, New Look.

I feel like the kaftan/muu muu/house dress/whatever horrors of former fatty apparel is definitely in need of some reclaiming. Whilst I can't stress how happy I am that there are now outfitters that can actually tailor clothes to my shape and that this isn't my only option, there's something amazing about items of clothing which drape the fat body in such a fantastic brash pattern. I definitely don't think they deserve to be forgotten - in fact I think that wearing one acknowledges a history of apparel that is often dismissed. I also think there's a lot of problematic talk about the "right" way to dress a fat body - and brash, shapeless, bold items like this are pretty against the grain of tailoring and hip skimming dresses, even if originally they were designed to disguise the body. Whether belted, altered or simply flounced about in as is, I definitely think everyone should own at least one.

And just because you're all proving to be such nice readers, here's a picture of a cat for you:

Grumpy cat, courtesy of the house down the road from my old house, who I sadly don't see so often anymore. Broody (for a cat) boyfriend = priceless.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Plus, that muumuu is awesome.

    I actually started a feature on my blog called non-ironic muumuu mondays wherein I wear and post about my awesome muumuu collection. I kind of only did it three times, but it was pretty fun, and I still plan to do more in the future.

  2. Thank you! I've read your blog before - and glad to know there are other fatties all about reclaiming them as well :)

  3. That looks awesome! An old friend of mine (who is now a notable fatshion icon) got really into making mini-mumus for a bit. She was cutting hers super short and rocking them hard with tights all winter and looking fabulous.

    Anyway, love your look. Your hair and glasses are ruling it as well.

  4. love it, you look great. Just found your blog.

  5. thanks all!
    Shilo - actually the whole reason I got turned onto muu muus was seeing a hipster girl rocking one super short as you described - when I find one more suited to hacking shorter, it's definitely on the cards for me too ;)