Sunday, August 29

Car boot fun times

Today was a day to make me feel very sad to be leaving Yorkshire. I went to my favourite car boot sale in Otley (it goes on every Sunday from 12-4, all year round) to have a potter. I normally go along with about a tenner and come out with all sorts of beauties. Today I didn't have as much luck as normal, though possibly only because I am quite preoccupied with moving and not wanting to buy as much as I normally would. In any case, I did come away with a Hank Williams LP, and another by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, as well as....

this ironic mum jumper of dreams, with embroidered ribbons and flowers, and pearls! Okay, it may just be hipster nonsense, but whatever. It was £1.50.

Part of the joy of going to Otley is eating, also. I bought two fat rascals (Yorkshire rock cakes with cherries on top) and also went to the Bay Horse for a beef and dripping sandwich, which is fast becoming my favourite car boot fare. They come with condiments and homemade pickled onions for £1! This + local ales = happy stomach.

Squinting aspiring hobo of a boyfriend.


  1. Haha nice pictures! Found you on livejournal. Will check back often! Follow back?

  2. hi! someone linked you on their blog and i clicked on your blog that way and i luuuurv your blog. super amazing sense of style!

  3. i was just searching ebay for some vintage things and you appeared with some lovely stuff i have a dress and gorgous jacket on watch im just hoping my folks wil let me bid ;)