Friday, February 7

Okay, so I love these tights THE MOST, but also I'm wearing them for the first time and they've already laddered. Sigh. Tights are so frustrating. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any tips for size 24(ish) tights which are also affordable and durable? 

Outfit details: 
Top, threadless via their $10 sale
Skirt, about £6 from New Look
Tights, £5.50, ASOS sale
Docs, £50, eBay


  1. The only tights I can wear are the xl black 100 denier microfiber ones from primark. Perfect for size 24 tall. All other tights itch me or chafe or cost a small fortune!

  2. Try BHS, they are a good price, really comfy and have a great selection (usually) and they last!

  3. WeLoveColors are totally worth it. Look for free/discount shipping and go in with a friend or something. I've had pairs last for 3 or so years and other cheap tights just die immediately.

  4. definately we love colors. ive had mine forever. and 52 colors!!!!

  5. I love this outfit - it looks awesome

  6. We Love Colors! I have three pairs that I've had for almost 3 or 4 years now and they have held up well! If they can handle drunk me, they can handle anything!!!!