Friday, January 31

Mirror pix cos I am dead professional as a blogger. 

Jumper, £1, Deptford Market
Earrings, £1.50, Deptford Market
Skirt, £8, Forever 21+
Shoes, Dr Martens via ASOS sale, £50

Diamonte leopard boobs are the best boobs



  1. Nice to see you back, loving your funky clothes as usual and taking a few tips as well. Have decided that although I am an apple shape I don't have to cover it up under all circumstances. One of my newest purchases is a pair of high waisted 1950s jeans. I must thankyou for being an inspiration :) Ta muchly! xxxx

  2. I saw you on TV this morning in Hungary:) I have a 1 year old baby and I gained a lot during pregnancy, since I am not pleased with my body. I wish I could be so confident as you:)