Saturday, March 17

An everyday sort of outfit today - these pieces are pretty much my staple wardrobe items. I think you've all seen them countless times before, but maybe not together in this way.

I've been thinking lately about my wardrobe habits. I'm pretty impulsive with my shopping, and it always means that my clothes storage is full to bursting. However, at the same time, I wear pieces like these to death, and I find that day to day, I keep to staple basic separates nowadays. This didn't use to be the case - I used to wear dresses and cardigans constantly (hello twee past), and I found that my wardrobe contained lots of dresses that I circulated regularly. Now my dresses are more for special occasions, and I am much more of a remixer of clothes.

Cardigan, M&S, gifted
Blouse, ASOS curve via Fatshion Exchange, £7
Skirt, clothes swap
Belt, old vintage stock
Docs, gifted

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