Tuesday, April 5

Some 90s gone goth gone grunge for you today, complete with bruises and war wounded knees. This was what I pottered about Brighton in last Saturday. An acquired taste no doubt, but this summer seems to be calling for bare midriffs and see through tops.

Tee, Topshop sale, £3
Bra, M&S
Belt, old vintage stock
Skirt, reconstructed from a £1 charity shop skirt (is anyone interested in a tutorial for this?)
Docs, gifted


  1. Yes I would like a tutorial on the skirt please!!


  2. You pulled the 90s grunge look off. That top is really cool & a tutorial on that skirt, oh yes!

  3. i loooooove this!!!!! i might have to copy cat this...i just need boots.

  4. While bruised knees are not very fun, I'm so jealous of your bare legs! I also love that skirt, is it a flower pattern or polka dots?

  5. thanks all! tutorial will be written up this weekend with the pictures I took making it.

    Amelie, it's tiny bows/butterflies (I can't decide which!).

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I would kill to be able to whap out my bare legs! I love the 90's twist of the string top with just a bra underneath and the killer docs. x

  7. tutorial please....looks v.hot <3