Wednesday, April 6

Peter Pan collars!

Just a quick post here to show off some crafting action. I made this Peter Pan collar out of some faux fur remnants bought for £1.30 from a local sewing shop (I have enough for another!) and some fabric scraps for lining + a 69p piece of cord bought from a haberdashery shop. The pattern I used can be seen here. It's cosy and suitably garish for my tastes. That said, it's yet to prove particularly versatile with my wardrobe, hence why I haven't posted it in an outfit yet.


  1. might i also suggest that you upsize it a bit to have the center front ends meet? I printed it out and it def is not sized for my fatty neck...

  2. i've been so interested in peter pan collars lately!

  3. thank you everyone! just need to actually wear it more often now, haha

    Sue, I certainly will size it up next time - I like the way it fits here, but would be nice to have a plan better fitting one next time :)